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Tasting notes by the distiller

The nose

Piney juniper with citrus & spices of clove & nutmeg

The palate

Juniper, anise, orchard fruit, citrus & spice

The finish

Anise with citrus, clove, nutmeg & peppery notes


The Spirits Business Gin Master 2018

Gold - Taste

London Spirits Competition 2019

Silver - Taste

International Wine and Spirits Competition 2020

91/100 point - Taste


The world`s oldest gin recipe

Discovery of a secret recipe buried in a dark corner of the Royal British Library

Gin 1689 London Dry Gin

70 cl, 42%Abv


This replica gin was based on the original 1689 recipe of the spirit made by the Dutch King William III (AKA William of Orange) after he was proclaimed King of England, Ireland and Scotland that very year. The recipe, which was amazingly uncovered in the British Library’s rare book section, lists the original ingredients but unfortunately, the quantities were concealed by code, which proved unbreakable. The task of deciding new quantities was given to Herman Jansen in Schiedam, Netherlands, a distillery that dates back to 1777. 

Serving Recommendation
Negroni 1689

There is a reason why this cocktail is so popular. Try it out yourself and you will be a fan forever!

You’ll need:

25ml Gin 1689.
25ml Campari
25ml vermouth
1 Fresh orange

To start, pour Gin 1689, Campari and sweet vermouth into your glass over ice. Stir it and zest the orange over the glass and add the citrus to the potion. Simple but still such a delicious cocktail!

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The Story

Gin 1689, a century-old recipe brought back to life! During the so-called Glorious Revolution of 1688-1689, William of Orange didn’t only chase away the British king, but he also introduced a typical Dutch item to the British island. Genever, soon abbreviated to Dutch gin. Gin soon became very popular among the British population.

Now, 350 years later, the Amsterdam Craft Gin Company relaunches the authentic recipe from that time. Founder Alexander Janssens studied the archives of the British Library to retrieve the original recipe. It took him almost two years to find it. With help from the master distiller Herman Jansen from Schiedam they developed and revived the century-old recipe that conquered the British island in 1689. The result is Gin 1689, a tribute to the Dutch craftsmanship of over three centuries ago. 



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