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Tasting notes by the distiller

The nose

A delicate bouquet of rose, mixed with deeper cardamom and a touch of citrus.

The palate

Fruity berries merge with a floral nose to give a full-bodied, rounded gin. Bright notes ping as the juniper comes forward.

The finish

The sharpness of the sea buckthorn emerges, but once again is rounded off by berries and a juniper heart.


Best Scottish Gin Distillery 2019

Gold Medal Best Scottish Gin

Silver Medal Best Gin


Truly handcrafted gin from an independent family distillery

Rock Rose Original Gin

70cl, 41.5%Abv


Rock Rose Gin gets its wonderful flavour from a carefully selected and put together the creation of local and traditional botanicals. Each one is meticulously chosen for its flavour properties to create the perfect taste.

After fifty-five experiments by Martin & Claire, the final recipe was chosen to give a wee taste of Caithness and the very first batch was distilled on the 17th August 2014.

Serving Recommendation
Paddington’s Negroni Sour Cocktail


  •  35ml Rock Rose gin
  •  35ml Sweet red Vermouth
  •  35ml Campari
  •  25ml Lemon juice
  •  2 tsp Seville orange marmalade
  •  1 Egg white
  •  Dash of Angostura bitters (optional)
  •  Garnish: Twisted orange peel or slice of blood orange


  •  Place all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake with no ice for 20 seconds
  •  Add a cup of cubed ice and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds
  •  Strain into one of our beautiful glasses
  •  Garnish with twisted orange peel or a slice of blood orange when in season



Our precious botanicals are carefully harvested and stored before our bespoke copper pot stills, ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Margaret’, made by John Dore & Co. Ltd, the oldest still maker in the world, work their magic. Our two ‘girls’ have been uniquely designed just to create our spirits using a traditional handmade copper head along with a botanical vapour basket, ours is a small batch process of 500 litres.


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